March 25, 2019
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Car accidents can be devastating and leave victims reeling from their injuries as they search for answers and work towards recovery. Ben Crump understands the struggles a car accident can cause for you or your loved ones. He’s ready to work on your behalf to help recover compensation for your losses.Success against an insurance company in or out of the courtroom isn’t a guarantee. A knowledgeable car accident attorney may be able to help you win.

Contact Mr. Crump today to begin an investigation into your accident, and determine if you have a case.What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Different states have different rules when it comes to auto insurance, but there are some common threads. Some states use at-fault insurance, which seeks to uncover who is responsible for your accident and what damages they owe. But Florida, for example, uses a system called personal injury protection (PIP), which is designed to compensate you regardless of fault.PIP insurance will only cover costs associated with an accident up to a certain amount based on your plan. If you get into an accident that results in injuries in excess of what you car insurance policy covers, you can sue the driver who was at-fault for the additional compensation.

This is where an attorney may be able to help.An attorney may also be able to help if a driver is in an accident with someone who does not have insurance or who is underinsured. Your own insurance company may try to get off the hook, or undervalue your damages. In such a situation, an attorney may be able to get you the best possible outcome for your injuries.There Are Different Kinds of Car Accident LawsuitsPIP is part of a “no-fault” insurance system that seeks to limit the number of lawsuits filed over car accidents.
Civil suits in states like Florida are only permitted in some circumstances.NegligenceNo-fault states like Florida rarely allow for negligence claims, but negligence is a common car accident claim in at-fault states. Negligence occurs when another party fails to exercise a reasonable level of caution while operating a vehicle. Your attorney and insurance company will conduct a preliminary investigation to determine fault in the accident and whether or not it was caused because of one driver’s negligence.For contentious accidents, your attorney must prove the defendant failed to meet a reasonable standard of care while driving, and that his or her behavior directly led to the accident.In some circumstances, seeking additional damages may be advisable.

The success of your claim largely rests on your attorney’s ability to collect information and present it to your insurance company. Keep in mind, however, that your insurance company is interested in minimizing your payout.Manufacturer LiabilityMany vehicles ship with defects or faulty designs that may put your safety in jeopardy. If your car has a faulty design or a manufacturing issue, the manufacturer may be responsible regardless of fault in an accident.Your attorney must prove, frequently with expert testimony, investigation, and analysis, that:The car or part’s defect made it “unreasonably dangerous”;You operated the car as intended; or The vehicle’s performance was similar to its performance at the time of purchase.Airbags, seat belts, and other car parts are frequently subject to claims of defect.Wrongful DeathYou can seek justice even in the event of a fatal accident. In these circumstances, the family or other survivors of the victim must prove their loved one’s death resulted from another’s negligence, and that they suffered damages from that death.Road DesignIn some cases, the design of the road can contribute to your accident. Common aspects of poorly constructed roads includes:Embankments and Barriers:

The end of a road is frequently set on an incline or guarded with a rail or barrier to encourage safe driving. Poor design or placement can make things worse, and embankments that lead to unsafe grades or poor elevation can put drivers in danger.Surfaces: Roads are often built with devices like rumble strips to notify drivers of danger and encourage safe driving. You may be in danger if these structures are poorly designed or placed.Signage: Signs are designed to give drivers notice of dangerous intersections, sharp turns, animal crossings, and other important information. They must be well-lit and placed in a highly visible location.Traffic Control: Proper placement of traffic lights, stop signs, and other features is critical to a safe and streamlined road, and can lead to hazards if poorly placed.What Can a Car Accident Attorney Do for Me?Ben Crump can represent you in a variety of accident circumstances, including:Rear-end, head-on, or side-impact collisionsRolloversDrunk driving or driving under the influenceMany of these circumstances apply to other areas of the law, like motorcycle accidents or pedestrian collisions.

You may be able to seek compensation for your injuries for these or other motor vehicle accidents.Contact Ben Crump Today For HelpYour car accident can be a harrowing experience, leaving you with significant injuries. It might lead to other circumstances like medical bills, lost wages, or loss of future earnings. You don’t have to stand for it.Ben Crump has significant experience handling car accident cases, and may be able to help you get justice. Contact him today to fill out a free, no-risk case evaluation.

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