Latasha Walton Mother Of Two Murdered By FHWP Trooper

March 26, 2019

By Robert Iam360Wise Alexander :


Latasha Walton Mother Of Two Murdered In Broad Daylight By Florida Highway Patrol Trooper

The family has hired civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who said he wrote to U.S. Attorney General William Barr in hopes of getting the DOJ to investigate.

“The video of this shooting has sent shock waves across the nation,” Crump said. “All parties concerned here seek one thing and one thing only — a full, fair and complete investigation by the Department of Justice — nothing less will do.”

Attorney Ben Crump alone posted the horrific video trending with over 2million + instagram views along with the instagrams community pouring outrage :


Some police officers just find a reason to shoot and kill black and brown men and women smh do black lives really matter when it comes down to the person wearing a uniform with a revolver 🤷🏽‍♀️


No matter what happened, the cops are able to defuse situations with others and murder brown people. It’s an issue.


People go on chases all the time without being gunned down… she was going how fast? I think it was unnecessary for the shooting. He’s damn near walking along the side of the car.

This is how Reporter Roy Ramos got it wrong with poor journalistic reporting for Local 10 got it wrong and should be ashamed of himself for not clarifying that it was his public opinion  and not fact.

Family of woman killed by trooper hires high-profile lawyer

Latasha Walton’s brother says trooper had other options

By Roy Ramos – Reporter


The video shows another trooper behind the car as it veers towards Melendez-Bonilla, knocking him to the ground.



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